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Welcome to the Navel Fetish Site,

All persons have their navel, a curious 'souvenir' we got after birth and remember we were connected to our Mom during some weeks. Always an enigmatic sign, very studied in medical discoveries, but also that small hole looks sexy in a babe wearing a bikini, or with a navel ring.

It´s very interesting check that every person has a own belly button, but all are very different: deep, no deep, pierced, hairy, a vertical or horizontal line... Find here hundreds of different belly buttons pictures.

Britney Spears pierced belly button maybe it´s one of the most desire. Alfred HItchcock had no belly button because a surgery. Remember Kim Bassinger´s in '9 1/2 weeks'?A pregnant woman suffer changes in her belly button during pregnancy. Experts say that see belly buttons is an relaxed exercise, the same like a massage on that zone.

This site is just to people curious about this part of our body, bored of the same websites, or... mad (like me?). If you like and want to help me, please contribute to this Site sending your own navel pic. Thanks! :)

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